Meet Me at the Pear Tree

Did I ever tell you why this blog is called “The Pear Tree?” And its flagship company Pear Tree House Productions?

Do you know why I go by “Mrs. Pear Tree” (or more likely, mrspeartree) on Instagram,  Twitter or other social media sites? Why I refer to my husband (his name is actually Kyle, btw) as “Mr. Pear Tree” and our kids as “The Little Pear Trees?”


Have you ever wondered?

No? Well I’ll tell you anyway.

You may have noticed, if you felt motivated enough to snoop through the pages of this site, that our last name is Poirier. And “poirier” is French for, you guessed it, “pear tree.”

Cool, huh?

How could we NOT exploit such a catchy happenstance?

It’s funny how, since marrying seven years ago, I’ve become quite fond of pear trees. The human ones, of course, but also those of the woody perennial variety.

So I couldn’t resist taking these shots of a cluster of pear trees in Ben Lee Park recently, when they were in bloom. They were so lovely.

In the language of the flowers, the pear tree means comfort. I’m all over that!

Here’s a shot of The Little Pear Trees playing among the Ben Lee Park pear trees:

What does your name mean?

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  1. Hi Lori-Anne!
    I recently discovered your blog while searching for Okanagan Blog Conferences. I was wondering if you know anything more about Bloggin’ in the Okanagan? Is it still in the works for subsequent years? I would love to coordinate, facilitate or attend something like this! Hope that you’re enjoying the lovely weather 🙂

  2. Love it…. yes I knew the story of the name, but always nice to hear again. V. cool that the pear trees are right across the street in Ben Lee Park!!
    Our “Smith” comes from the Blacksmiths that lived on the island of Isla on the West Coast of Scotland… we’re not just any old Smiths you know!! lol

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