Getting My Stamp On

I just had to show off these stamp sets I picked up a while back, on clearance, at La Bonne Vie in Kelowna’s Mission.

Vintage-style rubber stamps with a distinctive en français flavour.


Now. My problem is that I’m not really a stamping enthusiast. I don’t do the cards or scrapbooking that makes them popular. And while I purchased them with visions of vintage-infused letters dancing in my head, I rarely put pen to paper anymore, and the rare time I do, well, it often sits languishing, waiting futiley to be posted until it’s so out of date that the point is lost and it just gets tossed.

So now I’m contemplating other uses. Dressing up notepaper for grocery or to-do lists, for example. Maybe even trying a handmade card or two.

But I’m open to suggestions. What would you do with such a beau set of stamps?


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  1. Elaine Phillips

    Pour moi? Ah, merci, mon amie!

    (Pardon my French.)

    A bientôt, Mme. P,
    E (dreaming of Pa-ree) P

  2. You had these sets the whole time I was at your place? We could’ve made cards! OK – other suggestions…. You can make coasters, bookmarks, memo pads, and file folders.

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