A Place on Pandosy


So, let me tell you about my addiction: house porn. I love looking in houses. Show homes, open houses, magazine layouts of professionally styled rooms, house-themed blogs, you name it. And a couple of years ago I discovered MLS (realtor.ca), where I can actually tour local homes for sale from the comfort of my own sofa. I do this regularly, despite the fact that I love where I live and have no plans to move in the near future.

Well, anyway, occasionally I come across I house that gets me really excited because of its architecture or style of decor or a combination of both. Recently I came across this one, located near Kelowna’s downtown, on the outskirts of a neighbourhood that’s FULL of covet-inspiring heritage homes. Except for the fact that it’s on a super busy road (Pandosy), I would be ready to move right in!


I am in love with this entrance. That staircase!


I can totally envision my furniture filling this space. Even the colours of the walls already work.


I don’t know about you, but I love separate dining-rooms. And kitchens. Open concepts just don’t do it for me – I don’t want to be able to see the entire place from the front door. How about you? What do you prefer?


I’d love to see this little kitchen completely redone in a look that’s more cottagy. Maybe replacing the top cupboards with open shelves? Reclaimed wooden counter-tops, and with a centre island.  What would you do differently?


I can totally see Mr. Pear Tree set up in this fabulous bedroom-turned-artist-studio. It’s not only women who need a room of their own (wink)!


Would you believe that having a claw-foot tub is actually on my bucket list? True story.


Old homes always have such interesting shapes and details. I love this angled ceiling, and all the old wood.

Like this house? Visit here for more pictures and information. And if you buy it, please do invite me over for a tour and tea.

In the meantime, tell me: What kind of home do you dream about?


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