A Picture of Me, and You

I just have to share this fun project with you, going on at the Kelowna Art Gallery right now. The gallery, which just happens to be where Mr. Pear Tree works, is planning to fill one entire wall with some 4,000 4×6 photographs that define, in some way, the people who submit them.

Dubbed “Project Identity,” the endeavour is accepting photographs from, well, wherever people happen to submit them from (you don’t have to be from Kelowna to get involved).

The trick is to capture something that, in some way, defines you, or tells something about your identity, whether it’s something about your personality, physical appearance or culture.

You can only submit ONE photo, but I helped the designer out by sending him a couple of pics to use for the poster. The one above is Sylvia’s Garden, located at my alma mater, Newbold College, in England, where my heart still resides. The other, below, is of my old c. 1910 Remington typewriter, which defines me both as a writer and a lover of old things.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to choose between them if I want to really submit something, which I do. I am a multi-faceted girl, after all.

How about you? What do you feel defines you – or at least an element of who you are?

If you decide you’d like to make it a part of the mosaic, check out the deets over on the website. The wall of photos will be on display from 22 June until 29 September.



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  1. Easy. Chapel Porth. If only I can find time to search out a photo…

  2. I took a picture at the Orpheum (where there Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performs) on the night of its annual Last Night of the Proms, which is a celebration of Great Britain. The pic is of the VSO with British and Canadian flags in the background. To me the pic encapsulates my love for the symphony, England and Canada. Now if only I could photoshop myself in there while wearing my Olympic hoodie and holding a Tim Hortons mug…

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