Girl Time

Near the beginning of this school year, I enrolled Oliver in a co-op class for social studies and science, one morning a week. Partly it was to give him some exposure to a classroom, but mostly it was to give his little sister, Amélie, and I a morning together. Doing homeschool the other days, she tends to get pushed into the background a bit, and deserves a little bit of one on one time.

We’ve spent our time together these mornings visiting the library, the farmer’s market, ice skating, chilling with our tablets at Starbucks, visiting friends, and shopping. But one of my favourite times together happened one recent morning.

While driving Mr. Pear Tree to work, he surprised us with a take-away treat from the Marmalade Cat Cafe. A coffee for me (Bavarian Chocolate, my favourite), hot chocolate for her and a fat, sticky, whole wheat cinnamon bun for each of us.

It was a divine surprise, but made doing something a bit difficult. We could hardly head into Starbucks with our own nosh. In fact there were few places we could go that would accommodate us. So I found a beach access with a view just off Abbott Street (where I plan to live in an adorable heritage house someday), parked the car and invited the girl up in the front with me.

“This is a good adventure,” she said as she settled herself into this generally forbidden territory. She hardly cared about the cocoa and cinnamon bun, what with so many buttons to push and nooks and crannies to investigate.

We sipped and slurped, we listened to music and took pictures of ourselves (above) and the view (top).

We made, at her special request, “Grinchy faces” for the camera (below)…

After a while we got going again, playing “which house is yours” as we made our way back down Abbott.

And I was reminded, once again, that so often it is the simplest times, the least elaborate or planned or orchestrated moments, that  fill our hearts. They fill our hearts, drop by drop, and bond us together.

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  1. Those are the best. Thank you for reminding me…must admit was a little choked up. 😉

  2. That was lovely! Special moments with those we love are treasures indeed 🙂

  3. Ah – I love moments like this too. Zhen adores coming up to the front seat too and I love the special connection too. What a good Mama you are to carve out girl time for just you and Amélie and also some classroom time for Oliver.

  4. sounds like a wonderful time!

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