I was contemplating a good Word of the Year for myself for 2013, and was not coming up with many ideas. Last year I picked “Grace,” and was moderately successful in working toward a more forgiving, accepting and generous me over the course of the year. Part of me would like to continue with that word for 2013, but there’s no reason I can’t keep incorporating grace into my life AND have a new word.

It finally came to me as I was compiling my New Year resolutions. I want to blog more, knit more, be more organized, make my home closer to something I’d covet in a magazine, write more… and just generally be more productive.

So, I’ve chosen “Productive” as my word this year. I want it to be the year I stop dreaming I had the time and kick my butt into action. To just make the time.

Of course, this isn’t to say that my past years have not been productive. They have. But in a less tangible way. As a new mother, much of my time was spent laying a vital foundation for my kids to start their lives. I found it both time consuming and energy sapping.

But now we seem to be moving into a new phase, my family and I. It’s one that still requires a lot of hands-on involvement (have I mentioned we’re home schooling?), but is blessedly less demanding. Or at least demanding in a different, more manageable way. I guess what I’m saying is that, after five years, we’re finding our groove.

I’m also coming to terms with the fact that, to blog, I don’t have to write a novel’s worth of words each time. After my original ambition, three years ago, of creating an online publication with articles and interviews and features (oh my!), I’m focussing now on a more humble, personal attempt. Just slices of life. My life. My home, and what’s going on there. That might mean a new colour for the bedroom walls (still contemplating), or a fun project on the home schooling front. A favourite recipe, an impromptu photo shoot in the park.

And hopefully, some of that planned productivity will find its way onto this page, to share with you. If you’re okay that.

In the mean time, I wonder if you have a word of the year? What have you chosen to define 2013?

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  1. Hi Lori-Anne,
    I have pondered this for a few days, and I think my word is…… “equanamity” – [?i?kw??n?m?t? ??kw?-]
    definition – calmness of mind or temper; composure
    As you know, being a mom, the kids feed off my vibe / mood so I am working on having that calm easy energy more often. Cheers to you and Kyle X

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