Tales of the Mother Load Officially Launched


It was a small but supportive crowd that filled the seats of the downtown Okanagan Regional Library’s meeting room last night (Tuesday, 24 July) for the debut reading of Tales of The Mother Load.

About 25 men and women (but mostly women) came out for the event, which featured author Lori-Anne Poirier (that’s me) reading five selections from her newly released ebook.

Following the reading and Q&A, there were homemade cookies to sample – two kinds: chocolate chip and carrot cookies (watch for a recipe soon) – as well as coffee or tea to slurp back.

There were also complimentary, special edition booklets for everyone in attendance, featuring some of the stories read that night. Since Tales of The Mother Load is ebook only right now, these were used for signing.

The response at the end of the evening was positive, and plans are currently in motion for more readings in the near future.



– Words  by Lori-Anne Poirier

– Photos by Kyle L. Poirier

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  1. Elaine Phillips

    Hip hip hooray! 🙂

    See you next month. Until then, celebrating with you from across the Rockies…

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  3. Thumbs up from me for realizing your dreams!!!!

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