Under a Canopy of Pear Trees

Well, scratch another item off my bucket list.

This weekend I went camping with my family, when we attended my niece’s high school graduation from Fountainview Academy near Lillooet, B.C. (more on that later). And because the boarding school has only so many extra rooms for visitors, family and friends are invited to bring a tent or trailor and set up camp in designated areas of the campus.

Our area was in – wait for it – an orchard. And one of the most pristine orchards I think I’ve ever seen. Seriously – look at that grass! Even around the tree base is neat and groomed.

There’s something wonderfully decadent about camping in an orchard. You’re out in nature, but it’s not as wild or rugged as the forest. In fact, quite the contrary, it’s civilized nature. And I just love when those two elements of life can be combined.

The orchard we stayed in grew a number of fruits, including cherries and either apples or crab apples (they were so small, but it’s early in the season, so maybe they’ll grow). As completely random luck would have it, though, our spot was in the pear tree section. Is that not apropos?  Here (above) are some of the baby pears we were surrounded by.

I’m still getting into this camping thing. I’m not an outdoorsy person and it’s definitely not a hobby for me, but I’m trying because my kids love it so much. That said, I have to admit it was glorious waking up surrounded by fruit trees. And the kids were in their element eating cherries off neighbouring trees whenever the mood hit them.

There they go, running (always running) to their tent, to share some of their harvest.

Now I wonder what it would be like to camp there when the place is full of blossoms? I might have to try it some time!

Where would you most like to pitch your tent?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Indoor plumbing is a must-have any where I lay my head to sleep. I’m not into the camping thing – but I’d be happy to have a picnic in the orchard:-)

  2. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun camping in a canopy tent and being in the middle of an orchard! Love the smell of nature and fruit!

  3. Camping…bah! But if I HAD to choose, Cornwall wins every time.

    We actually considered camping on the streets of London during the Jubilee, but things conspired against us…

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