Oh the Rain it Raineth

I’ve shared with you, before, my love of the rain.

I just can’t resist taking my camera out as soon as the raindrops start falling.

Or donning my rain jacket, wellies and a fun umbrella.

Some of my best, most romantic memories (speaking in the literary sense) involve rain. Running in the rain, dancing in the rain, bike riding in the rain.

My kids seem to have inherited my passion for a good downpour.

But this much rain? In June? Even I am finding it a stretch to be enthusiastic.

So I’m making an attempt to look on the bright side.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed today:

Snuggling under the goosedown for “five more minutes” while the raindrops pattered on the window…

The rather soggy view from the dining room window over a breakfast of hot oatmeal with preserved peaches and cranberries, with a hot coffee on the side…

A morning spent perusing the kid’s section with the two littles in tow at the downtown library…

Running and laughing hysterically to the car afterward, when the floodgates opened.

Sitting in front of the computer with my second cup of coffee to write this blog post… when the sun, finally, broke through. Nothing like a few rays of sun after the rain.

Off to search for that rainbow, now, and it’s requisite pot of gold.

What do you like about rainy days?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. I like the smell. And the feeling of being warm and cozy while it’s beating down outside. Unless something’s leaking – then, not so much.

  2. Oh the photos, I loveth!

  3. L-A: I love everything about rain. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous bridge-crossing puddle-jumping images. A friend of mine recently wrote a book of playful poems (we saw the proofs today), and although his photos remain plain (I took them but didn’t have time to play with them, alas), your images are PRECISELY what I had in mind for his anthology. Sigh. Maybe I’ll have to write a(nother) book of my own…as suggested by a celestial neighbour this splendid rainy eve.

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