Fiddling Around

We’ve added a new instrument to our fold. It’s a 1/10 size (read: eeny, teeny) violin for my son, Oliver.

Believe it or not, it’s not the smallest one available. I think they go down to a 1/16 size, which is miniscule. Since we’re not actually trying to raise a baby Mozart, though, we thought we’d cut our boy some slack and wait until he’s a walloping five-years-old before starting him on music.

He had his first lesson last week, and learned about the names of the parts of the instrument, and how to hold it.

This was before his lesson. His look is much more professional now.

Not so much his sound yet. Hopefully they’ll start working on that this week!

We’re just renting the violin for now, so it’s not in the best of shape. Lots of little nicks and gouges. I wonder how many little hands learned on it before Oliver. And how many are still playing?

Isn’t it adorable, though? Look how small it is, compared to my full-sized one.


I kinda just taught myself the violin, so I’m being careful not to teach him any of my bad habits. I’m sure before long, if this lesson thing works out, he will surpass my basic skills.

I don’t have any aspirations of my kids becoming professional musicians – I just love having a musical house. I can’t wait until we can all take out an instrument and jam together.

How about you? Do you play any instruments?

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  1. How wonderful to have your son started in violin lessons!!
    There is a joy in being able to play an instrument at a level that a person can join in playing with others.
    Hope you have many fun days with music.
    I think the smallest violin size is a 1/32 but here is a neat site with a cardboard version for the tiny ones.

  2. Lori-Anne,
    Oliver’s violin is charming, and it does make one wonder the stories it would tell, if it could!
    In our house, too, “the air is alive, with the sound of music (and dance)!”
    I was grateful for Paramount’s ‘rent-to-own’ instrumental program: we would have ended up accruing enough credit for a full-size violin had someone not given us one instead. Is this what you hope to do?
    Here’s my funny story about my violin experience: Having begun lessons using the Suzuki method, I had to take lessons right along with Emmy. In my case, it worked well only for the first year, so when year two rolled around, one could hear the desperate lack of any useful competence, from tone (screetchy, at best), to coordination (I simply couldn’t master fingering and bow strokes into a unified unit), to speed (my fingers just wouldn’t move fast enough for anyone’s good). So the happiest day of my life was when I asked Emmy’s violin teacher if I still needed to learn the songs, to which she replied, “No, I think Emmy’s OK on her own now.”
    So while you welcome jam sessions, I was glad to rid the house of “the sound of screetching!”
    Have fun: I know you will!

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