Easy, Breezy, Beautiful White

“A woman can never be too fine while she is all in white.”

-Jane Austen

I think I was in high school when I started my hate-on with white. It’s been decades and decades since my wardrobe veered from it’s sophisticated palette of dark greens, browns, reds, aubergine and (my favourite) black.

But recently, a little white has been creeping into my closet. A skirt here, a pair of trousers there (perhaps one of these weeks I’ll get in on the What I Wore Wednesday meme and show you).

I still think the darker colours suit me more, but I am starting to enjoy the crisp cleanness of white. It’s light. It’s clean. It’s free.

My daughter, Amélie, looks amazing in white. And she loves it. It doesn’t stay white on her for very long, but while it does, she looks like she dropped from heaven. The dress she’s wearing here is from Gap, via Value Village. Her sandals are from The Children’s Place and the lamb came from Indigo (Chapters).

I just had to share these shots I snapped of her yesterday while we were playing in the park.

Do you have a favourite colour you gravitate to when you’re clothes shopping? How do you feel about wearing white?

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  1. What lovely pastoral photos! I love white, and being a winter it suits me, but I can’t seem to wear it for long without dropping some tomato sauce or splattering something oily on my white blouse or t-shirt. This is a problem with all my clothes actually,and I really must remember to wear an apron more often…including through dinner!

  2. Your daughter is so purely precious in her white dress. I love white with navy; so crisp! My fave color is this special lilac purple that my husband says does something amazing to enhance my hazel eyes. Hey, what ever works!

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