Confections From Paris

A couple of months ago, a very dear friend of mine travelled to England and Paris, as a little birthday present to herself. Naturally, her little adventure elicited slatherings of jealousy from me, and the majority of her friends. But I was so flattered when, upon her return, she presented me with this sweet tin, full of little candies.

It was a little gesture that went a long way because, a) she thought of me while in fabulous Paris, and b) she remembered my fondness for Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, whose work is featured on the lid.

And she gets bonus points because – and I don’t think she knew this so it had to be random luck – I adore rose and violet flavoured anything. It’s hard to read the side of the tin (above), since my iPhone 3G doesn’t focus, but those words say, “Confiserie Fine – Violette et Rose,” or Violet and Rose flavoured fine confectionary.

Aren’t they pretty little pastilles? I’d offer you one… if I could. Perhaps I’ll just have one, now, in your honour.

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier


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  1. Oh, my friend, so nice to hear from you again!!!! I’m familiar with these lovely candies, as well!!!! YUM!

  2. tres chic!

  3. Elaine Phillips

    Ah, L-A: mini-trip down memory lane indeed. When R and I lived in Praha in 95/96, we both fell in love with Mucha’s art–it adorned every wall of Vila Anna, the pension we stayed in (and where our purple-eared Hroshi-hippo daughter came from). Your Belle Epoque tin brought an instant flashback to those sweet and splendid days in the Czech Republic. I am a rose-lover, and as you may recall from her book, Hroshi adores all things violet. A trio of winners. 😉 Merci!

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