Coffee Break

I discovered a new coffee shop today (well, new to me – it’s actually about two years old), in Lake Country, just 10 minutes north of Kelowna. It’s called the Lake Country Coffee House, and it’s an intriguing little place to while away an hour or two.

I stopped in with my mum and two kids, this afternoon, and everyone agreed (especially Oliver, 5) that we would have to make the trek back, soon.

Rustic and laid back, the little shop boasts an ecclectic style, with a tantalizing mish mash of tables and chairs to choose from.

It’s got a kind of country vibe going on, with lots of rough wood, and a down-home atmosphere. There’s a tall bookshelf full of newspapers and books – some for grown-ups and some for children. There’s also a collection of games and a toy box, to give young kids something to do while their parents slurp coffee and shoot the breeze.

Oliver in front of the toy box – can I just say how much I love a place that helps keep kids busy so that parents can converse without constantly being interrupted or worrying about their kids getting into things they shouldn’t?

Instead, we had this – and two kids who didn’t want to leave, instead of chomping at the bit to go, or being bribed with an iPhone game to keep quiet.


Apparently, the building was originally a butcher’s. If I’m not mistaken, there used to be a statue of a heffer on top of the building that I used to watch for driving by when I was about my son’s age. Anyway, from this rack system once hung carcasses predestined to be someone’s dinner. While it is a tad macabre, it’s cool that they’ve kept them there as a nod to the area’s heritage – and they add a lot of character, now.


It’s a bustling little place, which also makes it recommendable for simple people watching, over a Sunday morning coffee. I know we’ll definitely be back!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. So nice to to see you today at this great coffee shop Lori-Anne. And so great to see you back blogging, I really enjoy these little reads, looking forward to more.


  2. I live in Lake Country and the Coffee House is a favourite Latte stop of mine and also a great place to meet up with friends. Everyone I know gives it a “Thumbs Up”

  3. Elaine Phillips

    Well, L-A, it would appear you’ve found our August meeting place. Can’t wait to see you again for our annual (!) visit. 🙂

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