A Graduation Tradition

This photo was taken just yesterday 17 years ago, when I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Newbold College, in England. My niece, Avery, was just over a year old then, but made the trip over with her mum and grandma to help me celebrate.

Last weekend, she turned the tables on me, inviting me to her high school graduation from Fountainview Academy in Lilloett, B.C.

She’s taller than me, now, and oh, so lovely. I’m, well, older…

I thought that one of my favourite pictures from the batch we took after my ceremony was one of me holding Avery and her wearing my mortar board. So I thought it would be fun to take a similar picture of Avery holding my daughter Amélie, age two, wearing her mortar board.

Sadly, when I went into the archives I discovered that “favourite” picture of mine (below, left) was actually kind of rubbish, and you can’t even see the mortar board on Avery’s head!


It is there, though, even if my memory of the moment is more clear than the capturing of it.

I hope that someday we can add a picture to the series – if Avery waits a really long time to have children, maybe one of hers can take a similar picture with Amélie when she graduates from high school or university.

It’s kind of like passing on the torch.

I hope that Avery’s – and Amélie’s – love of learning never diminishes as they continue their adventures through life…

– Words by Lori-Anne Poirier


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  1. Oh how I love a good family tradition…this one made me tear up!

  2. Photos of three beauties, for sure.

  3. Elaine Phillips

    Great post! No favourite picture is “rubbish,” dear L-A, and any memory trigger is worth a shot. Well done, good and faithful student/ mommy/ writer girl. And congratulations, niece Avery!

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