Farmer’s Market Wednesday

Today being Wednesday, I loaded the kids into their bicycle trailer, hopped on my bike and headed to the Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market, on Springfield Road.

We started going again when it re-opened for the season, back in March – but it’s only now coming into its own, with an abundance of freshly grown produce, homemade treats and hand-crafted goods (I hate to call them crafts – it sounds so kindergarten).

It was a beautiful day for marketing, which I’m guessing made it a profitable day for the venders – I certainly felt more inspired to fill my bicycle basket.

I got a dozen free-range eggs, a bag full of spinach, a loaf of freshly baked poppy seed bread and a bag of goodies.

Granola bits or “goodies,” as my son Oliver dubbed them when he got hooked on them some three years ago, are an essential part of our weekly visit, as is a go in the bouncy castle.

I’ve been eyeing this vender’s fun, funky bird houses for a few years now. One of these times I’ll break down and bring one home.

Ditto these little lemon balm plants. I need to work on greening up my thumb first, though. I don’t know how many basil plants I’ve bought here, and they only last a few weeks before I forget to water them.

I want to be adventurous and try new things each visit, but I seem to come back to the same favourite things each time.

What’s your must-go-to purchase at your farmer’s market?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier


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  1. How did you manage to get a photo of the flowers? The owner freaked out at me when I tried, saying it was “proprietary”. Wouldn’t surprise me if some our our fence is in several of those birdhouses. A couple of people in the neighbourhood who make and sell them came by and picked up the boards as Mike replaced our own 50 foot fence last summer. One of them actually had the nerve to tear down part of the fence themselves when we were away one day. I have to say I’m slightly disappointed that neither of them have shown up with a bird house for us.

  2. More than once, I’ve trekked all the way to Portobello Road to pick up as many bottles as I can carry of my favorite Italian balsamic vinegar. I’m also a big fan of the fresh pesto I can get from another vendor there. Then there’s the fresh artichoke pasta pillows at nearby Mr. Christian’s… *sigh* the only markets in Cambridge are full of tourist junk.

  3. PS Lemon Balm used to grow like a weed at the corner of Moor Close between the two levels of the garden. Give it a go. It’s tres low maintenance and smells dreamy.

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