Bong Twiggy Birthday

I first discovered bong twiggy – a light, crispy rice treat – when I lived in Korea more than a dozen years ago. It’s more fun than rice cakes, and just a hint sweet.

I brought back a bag full when I came back home to the Okanagan, and my mum became an instant fan. She, however, favours it with a slathering of ice cream on it. Word of warning: Koreans will likely groan and guffaw and say, “NO! We don’t eat it like that!” if you do this in front of them. It is, however, quite delicious.

So for my mum’s recent birthday, instead of making her a traditional cake, I picked up a bag of bong twiggy from the Oriental Supermarket near my place and stacked it up on a pretty cake stand with a candle on top. We also brought a vat of homemade chocolate ice cream, and a fruit bouquet (also pictured).

It was a fun, unique way to celebrate – and while it was delicious it was a lot more health savvy than real cake!

Have you ever used a substitute birthday cake? What was it, and how did it turn out?

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  1. Sounds (and looks) delicious! {Happy birthday, mom of L-A.} Yes, I often substitute: I’m a huge fan of ultra-thin crepes (called pancakes in Afrique du Sud but not Canadian in their texture or girth), preferred plain with a hint of lemon and liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Just add candle(s). 🙂


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