Tablescaping for Spring

Most days, our dining room table stretches itself across the room, sad and bare. The only ornamentation on it is a collection of deep scratches and scars, inflicted by two over-zealous preschoolers, who would no doubt have a hay day with a setting of fine china.

Not that I would lay fanciful tablescapes every day if I didn’t have kids. Real life is not kind to china, fine or otherwise.

So when Easter came along, I felt inspired to break with convention and put on some airs. I wanted something fresh, something light, delicate yet simple. Soft colours, a bit of lace and a touch of whimsy.

So I pulled out my mishmash collection of yellow and green dishes, passed along to me by my mum. It’s not “fine” by any standards but my own. It’s lack of use on a daily basis puts it in the category of “good” dishes, but it’s hardly Royal Doulton.

The spoons are also a mishmash of old silverware that offer a fun, eclectic look.

Ditto the egg cups. This one is Laura Ashley, c. 1995. But there’s also one that I got as an Easter present from my mum when I was a little girl, and one that was my dad’s when he was a boy.

For breakfast, we had strawberry yogurt, regimental soldiers (toast with marmite cut into strips), a boiled egg each and hot cross buns with coffee for the grown-ups and orange juice for the kids.

Okay, and maybe a chocolate egg or two was consumed shortly after. How could we not?

How about you? Do you do anything special for Easter? A formal dinner? Easter egg hunt? However you celebrated today, I hope it was a happy one!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Elaine Phillips

    Great question, and what a pretty table! Good job.

    On Friday night we were privileged to enjoy a celebratory/commemorative Passover seder with our messianic Jewish neighbours (special Kosher foods, fine china, Easter lilies, daffodils and irises, singing the Aaronic blessing in Hebrew), and on Saturday I rested (R worked while I lounged around in PJs, accompanied by a good book).

    On Easter Sunday we went to church and then feasted with family-friends: a real meat-and-potatoes meal, and spinach/strawberry/mandarin salad, followed by homemade hot cross buns. And chocolate!

    All in all, a beautiful day to celebrate this sacred season.

  2. Elaine Phillips

    Lovely Lady L-A,

    May is in its middle, and yet no fruit has fallen from The Pear Tree into our lonely Inbox(es) for more than a month. Is all well in your world?

    Time for another blogpost, methinks? (Says she who hasn’t blogged since September!)

    Just wanted to let you know I miss the way you paint with words. Blog-art, indeed!


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