Hello Hello!

Well hello there – long time no see!

I haven’t said ‘hello,’ or much of anything else, for far too long and so, today being Monday, I think it’s time I said, once again, HELLO MONDAY!!!!!!

Hello readers – the faithful few still checking in! Thank you for not giving up on me – so good to see (well, virtually speaking) you again!

And hello beautiful new ceramic coffee cup! You were a gift from my friend Darcie Hossack, and apparently thrown by an 80-something lady in Calgary. I’m 40-some years younger, and can only dream of potting a cup so straight and stylish!

Hello spring! I am so ready for you!

Hello snowdrop flowers growing in Guisachan Garden in Kelowna. And hello to all the pretty spring flowers that are sprouting up now…

Hello to sweater weather, too – it feels so good to shed those heavy winter coats and boots.

Hello spring chickens! We went to visit this sweet little hatchling recently at the Cornerstone Learning Resources store on Ambrosia Street in Kelowna.

Hello long walks in the park, fresh air and playing in the back yard…

Hello Elaine Philips – if you’re reading this, we hope you’re feeling better, soon!

Hello to author Susan Toy, as well. She wrote and recently e-published Island in the Clouds, a mystery novel set in Bequia, where she lives part time. She asked readers to take a picture of where they’ve been reading new ebook, and I sent her this one. I was not driving when I took this (don’t worry), but parked and killing time while my daughter, Amélie, was having an unplanned nap in her car seat. To get a copy for your e-reader, visit here if you have a Kindle or here if you prefer Kobo.

And finally, hello Lisa Leonard, creator of the Hello Monday link-up party. Click over to her blog for details on entering the giveaway she’s currently holding.

What are you saying ‘hello’ to today?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier


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  1. Could that be Bequia in the Grenadines? Lucky, lucky, lucky! We stopped there for the day when we were on a Windjammer cruise. It was fantastic! I’m heading off to Kobo to find it!

  2. Wow! I was happily reading along…when out of heaven’s blue: there I was, in your blog post. By name. What a pleasant spring-snowdrop-surprise.

    Yes, dear L-A, I’m on the mend at last: but listen to this! On the way to the doctor today, Sweet Spouse and I got side-swiped by a semi whose brakes failed as he was barrelling down Hwy 22 in Cochrane. Poor guy. He did eveything he could to avoid hitting us.

    All’s well that ends well (for the humans, at least: not for the car so much). Needless to say, we are deeply thankful to be spared!! Life couldn’t be sweeter….

  3. So great to hear from you again!!!! Hello, hello, and welcome back! I bet you’ve been enjoying the reprise.

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