Tasteful in the Kitchen

I want to show off a couple of my Christmas presents. Not everything, you understand (a girl’s got to have some secrets) but some that I thought were especially “Pear Tree-ish” (read practical mixed with fanciful, and somehow connecting us with the past or tradition).

But first, I’m going to reveal a secret. It’s likely a secret many of you harbour as well. I don’t really like cooking. I can do, and I do it pretty well if I do say so myself. But I don’t do it just for fun, because I love to potter around in the kitchen or experiment with different ingredients. Before I had a family to feed I was an “eat out” singleton who tried restaurants as a hobby (okay, and job since I wrote a restaurant review column). And I liked it that way.

But if there’s one thing that gets me excited about working in the kitchen – besides the resulting meal – it’s some pretty utensils. Earthenware dishes, patterned, ceramic bowls, an heirloom rolling-pin.

So Christmas morning I knew I must have been a really good girl when I tore the paper off a new set of decorative measuring spoons – each looking like it came from a fancy set of flatware, but with a bowl measured to be a tablespoon, teaspoon and half, quarter and eighth of a teaspoon. I never thought in all my years that I’d get excited to get measuring spoons for Christmas, but it turns out I can still surprise even myself!

I’ve used them almost every day since I got them, and feel like such a stylish cook. According to Mr. Pear Tree Santa Claus, they came from Olive and Elle in Kelowna, on the corner of Pandosy Street and Lawrence Avenue, downtown.

The reusable ceramic egg carton, in the top photo and below, also hailed from thence. I got two of them, and they always make me when I open my fridge now, and see the eggs all lined up in them, six in each. It actually inspires me to take one out and make something with the eggs.

So who knows? Maybe there is a chef lurking somewhere, deep below the surface. A very vain, superficial chef who likes her fancy-schmancy kitchen utensils better than the process of cooking… but a chef, none-the-less. Stay tuned to find out…


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  1. Love the spoons and egg tray! I have the same mixing bowls. 🙂

  2. The spoons are really to die for – love, love! I think the tools make all the difference – just ask your artist hubby.

  3. It’s true I think tools make all the difference- I just started baking bread – mainly due ti my new mixer that makes whipping up bread a breeze! Now if only I had a cow on my deck I would never need to go to the grocery store again!

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