Old Meets New at a Heritage Photo Shoot

There are two ways I’ve found of getting through the winter. The first is to hunker down in a warm place and bide my time safely removed from the elements. When I get sick to death of that, I force myself outdoors to confront my discomfort with the cold, and attempt to find some pleasure in it.

Last week, with temperatures nosediving down to minus 30C (with the wind chill), it was a hunkering week. We only went out when absolutely required.

This week we needed – all of us – to break the cabin fever and do something, anything, somewhere, anywhere but home.

So we headed to Father Pandosy’s Mission, in Kelowna’s Mission area, with its collections of old cabins, houses, sheds and a little chapel.

My kids loved snooping through the buildings last summer, imagining how Laura and Mary and their family and neighbours might have lived in the Little House on the Prairie days.

While we could still come onto the property and wander around, the buildings were locked up for the winter…

Leaving us to peek through the handsome, heavy windows to glimpse the inside…

Or just photograph them from a distance.

Father Pandosy’s Mission is a popular place for wedding photos. I used to hate the pics I saw from there because they always boasted a heavy country/western theme. But lately, I’ve been seeing the old buildings with new eyes, and find them endlessly inspirational for photographing.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite shots from today’s visit here.

All these pics were taken with my Instagram app on my iPhone. If you use Instagram yourself, look me up: I’m @MrsPearTree. I’ll follow you if you follow me 😉

These stairs were so skinny and steep, leading up to a little room above the chapel, I couldn’t help but wonder how the person or people who used them daily felt about going up and down everyday – especially in the winter!

There’s an open shed filled with old buggies, wagons and sleighs that the kids love sitting in. I loved all these wheels – layers and layers of them.

Amélie was right at home in this old buggy. It was pimped out with flashy red wheels.

I love the idea of adding to the history of these old buildings by living our own stories in and around them.

Our visit really did help brighten the winter doldrums. And now we’re back home and the snow is coming down again. Time to hunker back down, at least for the rest of the afternoon. At least we have electricity and central heating, which is more than I can say about those poor settlers who gave us those buildings. Another thing to be thankful for!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Breathtaking!

  2. Hey, stranger!! Those are instagram photos? Unbelievable!!!! I’m waiting for my husband to get a new iphone, then I’ll get his. I’m still waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

  3. Beautiful shots, I especially love the first one….where did all that snow go?

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