Hello 2012

Hello 2012!

Hello January.

Hello stark beauty, melancholic underpinnings and long, steely lines and silhouettes. 

Hello free coffee from Starbucks all. Month. Long. Mr. Pear Tree and I got in on the chain coffee shop’s “12 Days of Merry” promotion last month and bought this tumbler (Mr. Pear Tree’s was a Christmas present) and will receive a free cup of coffee a day in them every day in January! Go on, say you’re jealous!

Hello birthday month. Did you know I share the big day with Mozart? And several other much-loved people.


Hello Twisted Tomato! Mr. Pear Tree and I had a most scrumptious meal there last night. The chocolate dessert mousse, above, was compliments of the house to help us celebrate our anniversary. We’ll definitely be back – both for the food and the cool, swanky atmosphere.

Hello evening of ice skating afterward! I seriously need some more practice after several years off the ice, but had so much fun cutting it up under a canopy of stars. Of course, my ankles really feel it today – but all the more reason to go again soon – time to break myself back in!

Hello to getting back in shape! It’s been two years since my daughter was born, and now that everyone’s sleeping through the night I don’t have many excuses left.

Hello to saying goodbye to the goodies! It’s not a resolution (too much pressure) but a new year does seem like a good time to make a fresh, healthy start!

Hello Stuart Park – I wasn’t the only one having fun on the outdoor rink last night!

Hello to my sweet niece Avery – it was nice having tea with you this afternoon! So sorry you’re heading back to school tomorrow! Don’t forget to say hi if you read this, though!

Hello Monday. You’ve been awesome so far!

And hello Hello Monday link-up over at Lisa Leonard’s blog!

What are you saying hello to this week?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. So much to celebrate even after the holidays! How lucky!

  2. Hey Aunty! I love these pictures and I want to go skating at the out door rink sometime but I don’t have skates. I look forward to seeing you again when I come home for a visit =)

  3. You share your birthday month with my much loved husband (and Elvis!).

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