More Hellos to the Festive Season!

Hello Monday! This past weekend we dropped by the Willow Park Church’s 20th annual Living Nativity to help bolster the spirit of Christmas. Actually, it was just my mum, Thing 1 and I, since Thing 2 was recovering from a bout of croup-turned-cold and Mr. Pear Tree kindly agreed to be the one to stay with her (fortunately she’s back super-active normal again)!

While I haven’t gone all 20 years of the Living Nativity’s history, it has been part of my traditional Christmas events line-up for at least half that time. The event includes a performance of the nativity story, a stroll through a “Little Town of Bethlehem” market place, and an old-fashioned Christmas complete with live mannequins, cookies, cocoa and hot apple cider.

I snapped a few pics that made me think of things I hope I get to say ‘hello’ to this week!

Hello goodies galore! Chocolates and cookies and candies, oh my!

Hello exercise regime plans! I’m going to need to get you in high gear… not this week, but maybe three weeks from now?

Hello Christmas party circuit. We went to our first at the weekend, have our second tonight and have a whole raft of them still to come. too bad we couldn’t dress and dance like this for a couple of them!

Hello Christmas carols! I’m a sucker for Christmas music, whether singing it or playing (often badly) it on one instrument or another. Okay, I’m not a virtuoso, but the point is to have fun, right?

Hello snowball fights and winter fun! We’re plum out of the white stuff right now, but the kid in me is hoping for a white Christmas!


 And finally, hello family time! Oliver and I had such a good time hanging out together, with Grandma – we didn’t even mind getting thrown in jail by a Roman centurion! Fortunately, we were let out early, for good behaviour…

What are you saying hello to on this Hello Monday link-up day?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Loving all the hello’s. I especially agree with the one about the exercise regime – I’ll be turning 40 in 2012 and I really want to keep healthy. It’s not so much a weight thing as it is keeping muscle-tone, being healthy, etc.

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