Hello Monday!

Hello Monday and only 19 days until Christmas!

Hello old nutcracker from the now defunct Bombay Company home decorating shop. When I bought you there some 20 years ago you were almost all I could afford from that pricey shop. I never imagined my kids would fight over you some day!

Hello to all the other Christmas ornaments that came out over the weekend. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Chez Pear Tree!

Hello Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree! You may not be grand and stately, but I’ve always been kind of partial to Charlie Brown Christmas trees. This one is far from being that, but it’s humble and personable and just right for our little home.

Hello ornaments that date back to my childhood, and this year’s new addition. Every year everyone in the family gets a new ornament, and when the kids someday move out on their own they’ll have a tree’s worth of Christmas’s past to take with them for their own trees.

Hello redecorating the tree at least twice a day as I find ornaments re-placed into funny clumps on the lower branches of the tree, or removed altogether and stashed about the house!

Hello scrumptious chocolate truffles made by a local (Kelowna, B.C.) hobby chocolatier. We ordered a couple dozen from her last year and loved them so much we made sure to order more this Christmas. And yes, Mr. Pear Tree and I do eat them all ourselves (but not all at once)! What’s Christmas without at least a little bit of gluttony? But next year we might have to buy enough to share!

Speaking of gluttony, hello season of parties and all manner decadent things to eat! I must remember to pace myself. What’s your favourite Christmas treat?

Hello Fountainview Academy! I attended their Christmas concert in Penticton last weekend and was blown away by the talent and composure of these high school students. I will be hard pressed to find another performance this year that matched this one. While it’s obviously too late to take in this performance, click here right now to see a sampling of their Christmas-themed music videos. They’re available for sale over here while CDs can be purchased over here.

Hello singing carols around the house and in the shower and in the car… only 19 more days until you’ll be packed away to the back of my head again!

Hello spirit of Christmas – we want all we can get of you in our home – not just in the things we accumulate but the things we do and how we live.

Oh, yes, and hello Lisa Leonard, creator of Hello Monday!

What are you saying hello to this December Monday morning?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier



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  1. I love all your hello’s! I loved Bombay Company. And, I love that photo of your tree. How’d you capture it? Do tell!

    I’m saying hello to Gratitude Journal Monday and it looks to me you’ve got a lot of gratitude happening at the Pear Tree abode, as well. Happy Monday!

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