Decking the Halls, Fa La La La La!

There used to be a holiday home tour in Kelowna called Homes for the Holidays, that had professional decorators work with private home owners to turn their places into festive things of beauty. The homes would then be opened to ticket holders to come and tour and gather ideas and inspiration for their own homes.

Being a natural born snoop, I used to love these tours, but they stopped last year. This year, a variation was introduced called Hot Holiday Homes, but I wasn’t able to make it.

However, over on the Hooked on Houses blog today, Julia is hosting a virtual open house, inviting bloggers to link up and share some of their Christmas decorating ideas.

I’ve snapped some pics of my favourite features right now in our home… for the holidays…

I’ve been having the most fun with our fireplace this year. The stockings were a new purchase this month, from Canadian Super Store ($6.75 each). I stitched each of our names on the heel of the stocking with embroidery thread, and then got four snowflake stocking holders from Canadian Tire ($14.99 each) to hang them from. The advent house came from Super Store last year, but I forgot how much it cost now ($25?). The little round metal gift box on the stool beside the fireplace came from The Water Garden on Ellis Street in Kelowna.

I mentioned in my last post that the nut cracker came from the Bombay Company, more years ago than I care to recall.

I have a real mix of styles, from the more formal violin ornament my mother-in-law gave Mr. Pear Tree and I our first Christmas (Royal Albert, Old Country Roses), to the more rustic wooden mittens my sweet niece Avery made me when she was about 10. The unifying strand that runs through everything is sentiment – including that poinsettia candle I got (phew!) 16 years ago from the store Past Times, in England. The wick has long burnt away but I keep adding tea candles to it to burn because it comes from an important time in my past. Ditto the skinny brass bird candle holders, a gift from a student when I was an English teacher in Korea!

The holly and curly willow sticks were harvested from the wilds of I don’t know where by my mum and her friend, and bring a little bit of seasonal meriment to our front door. And in the entrance is a basket of apple cider scented pine cones.

I love adding Christmassy elements all through the house – little surprises here and there that remind you what time of year it is. A little trick I picked up many years ago during my first Homes for the Holidays tour.

I’d love a peek inside your house, now! If you post any pictures on your own blog, be sure to paste a link in the comments below. In the meantime, I’m off to Hooked on Houses to drool over a few other homes!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier


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  1. So beautiful! The advent calendar is amazing.

  2. I love those little Advent houses. I need to get one for next year since I already missed the boat for this one. Thanks for joining my party, Lori-Anne! 🙂

  3. Love your fireplace decor! So inspiring. My own decor is a hodgepodge of things I’ve received as Christmas gifts..some slightly tacky. One day I’ll pull it all together and make it work. 🙂

  4. Your mantel looks great! I have pretty much the same nut cracker, but in red. Mine came to us from my mother years ago when she didn’t want it anymore and I love him! I have been looking at stocking holders for a long time, but have a hard committing to a design I like. The snowflakes look nice.

  5. Gorgeous! Everything feels so serene-yet-festive. I love the curly willow branches.

  6. I love your old fashion touches. This year’s Hot Holiday Homes tour was back to the way Home for the Holidays used to be. I was so inspired after the tour I put up most of my decorations. My weakness is snowmen… just love those cute little guys.
    I also have a cinnamon/clove mixture cooking to fill the house with Christmas aromas.
    I just am a kid at heart and LOVE Christmas.

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