A Tale of Two Shades


I am having a conundrum. I got a lamp, from my mum, as an early birthday present. I picked it out myself and ultimately chose it because I love the base. At the time we got it, though, I wasn’t so sure I liked the shade that came with it (above, left). So we got an alternative shade that I thought would go well with my gold-infused couch. Once I got it home, however, I became confused. The original shade isn’t so bad, after all. But I do like the shapely gold one, too. So I decided to put it to you, dear readers: Which shade do you think I should keep? Consider the red curtains and gold, carpet bag couch, and the fact that my room is largely shades of brown with deep red accents. And bear in mind that Christmas tree won’t be there much longer! Now cast your vote, below.


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  1. I would have liked to have seen a full pic of the full view meaning the sofa with the lamp. I only see a smidge of the sofa. I’d go with the one on the right because I really love the lamp shade’s shape. That’s the only premise of my decision, not seeing it next to the sofa.

  2. The one on the right for sure.

  3. Actually, my vote is for the shade on the left. (original one) There is a quiet dignity about it that I find more appealing.

  4. I think the original lampshade goes best with the lamp stand itself, but from what you have described of the room and its style my vote goes to the alternate shade. Now, given a full picture of the room I might change my mind, but the gray shade has modern lines and the design (and color) of the golden shade seems like it would go better with a carpet bag couch and your color scheme. Sorry to ramble- and btw, I think you should keep the Christmas tree! 😉

  5. Please. The shade on the left is plain and boring. So NOT Lori-Anne. The one on the right is absolutely more you: interesting, attractive, uncommon, and embellished with pleasing details! Lose that gray thing.

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