Hello Snowy Monday!

Hello Monday!

Hello first snowfall of the year! I’m trying to work out how I feel about you – definitely a mix of excitement and disappointment! It’s really coming down, as I write this, but still hard to see in the picture, above – those white dots you can just make out if you really squint your eyes would be flakes.

Hello book club photos I just came across – you were supposed to be a blog post last summer and got lost in the shuffle – this week, I promise, you will go up!

Hello a hundred and one other things that need to get done this week. Many of you will likely be ignored for longer than you should be, too!

Hello little plastic bug sitting quietly in the middle of the floor. I don’t think I’ve seen you before, and when I glimpsed you just now you really gave me a bit of a scare! So glad you’re not real!

Hello Little House books… you’ve found a new generation of fans and I’m enjoying the life of prairie girl Laura Ingalls Wilder once again… except now, apparently, I have to be “Ma” and not “Laura.” 🙁

Hello Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday link-up. Nip over and check out what she’s saying “hello” to this week. But first…

What are you saying hello to?

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  1. Snow? Scary, that’s my vote. So not ready…but think about all the coziness. There is something so simply wonderful of being inside, the whole family at home, and snow falling like nobody’s business.

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