Hello Monday!

Hello Instagram! You might be my current favourite iPhone app so far. You’ve certainly been the most used – I absolutely adore the vintagey filters I can apply to all my pictures – everything from “Poprocket” and “Gotham” to “1977.” They’re small, but so delightfully yellowed, scarred, colour blotched and bordered – I can’t get enough of them! They may become my new preference for “Hello Monday” photos!

Hello little bridge over Mill Creek – you looked so enchanting all tucked into the bare shoots and branches like that, just before dusk. How could I resist taking your picture?

Hello ducks, braving the cold. Seriously, fly south now!

Hello horseback rides at play time. Is there a kid in this world who doesn’t love climbing on their parents?

A special hello to my sister Kelly – she’s the birthday girl today! Here’s to being treated like a queen, and here’s to a fantastical year ahead!

Hello crazy Maisy! You were just a birthday girl, too… or should I say two?

Oh, yes, and hello Monday, which means hello Lisa Leonard link-up party!

Hope you have a wonderful week. What are you saying hello to?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  2. Neat shots! Is the horsey ride the before of the resultant stitchy-head on Mr. Pear Tree’s Hello Monday?

  3. Hello to you, my lovely friend. It seems we have a new Instagram addict on our hands:-)

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