Hello Monday!

Hello Monday – please be gentle on me today. I started with a less than perfect cup of coffee and fear that could be an omen.

Hello new (to me) iPhone – I’ve finally entered the world of smart phones and have been having. So. Much. Fun. It’s only a 3G, but I’ve been loving this foray.

Hello plethora of apps that make my life, if not easier, certainly more entertaining. I’d love to hear your app suggestions! What are your favourites?

Hello spiffy looking protective jacket. I picked up this suave, subtle argyle patterned protective covering at EK Cell Accessories in Kelowna’s Orchard Park Mall.

Hello life outside the technology realm, too. Must not to ignore you!

Hello staying close to home this week as I hit the potty training for Thing 2 hard core.

Hello Christmas music. I haven’t cracked open any festive CDs just yet, but last night I pulled out one of my favourite Christmas books to get a start on re-learning some seasonally appropriate pieces so that when they are, finally, seasonally appropriate I’ll be ready to show them off. This one is Mannheim Steamroller. I used to love their synthesized arrangements. I still like their Renaissance-esque versions of the classic carols, but prefer them non-synthesized today.

Hello little notebook threesome. You will be reserved for all things bloggy. Notes, ideas, rants and inspirations.

Hello new week of new ideas to jot in aforementioned notebooks. Here’s hoping some come to fruition.

Hello Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday link-up. We took a break last week, but we’re happy to be back.

What are you saying hello to this week?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. I guess I am saying hello to a different life this week šŸ™‚
    Justin has an iPhone app that translates human into cat. It’s just silly but it’s good for a laugh – the cat get the most quizzical look on her face. And the dog goes batty!
    Thanks for your thoughtful, uplifting and beautifully written posts šŸ™‚

  2. I think the following all have iPhone equivalents, but are obviously much more enjoyable to use on an iPad with the larger screen:

    – Sketchbook Pro: Simply a brilliant, portable sketchbook.
    – Brushes: Digital painting app which allows for large format export and movie rendering of your work process.
    – Inspire Pro: Great digital oil painting app.
    – Procreate: Yes, you guessed it, another digital painting app, with more layers, custom brushes and PS export features.

    And while one is creating with those, why not put on some tunes?

    – Tunein Radio: You can tune in all over the globe, and even keep up on the latest buzz with fuzz on the local police channel.

  3. Hello Lori-Anne,
    Love your notebooks and your Hello Mondays. I’m overwhelmed by the app selection out there so I only have a few. My latest one is a Hands only CPR app. Good to have I thought, if you get flustered and can’t remember what to do. CBC Radio is of course my favourite app.

  4. Hello to The Pear Tree! I’m visiting from Lisa Leonard’s blog. I’m a recent smart phone convert too…I can’t believe I held out as long as I did. My favorite app is Epicurious…great recipes and my grocery shopping trips are much more efficient {and less frequent} due to the “shopping list” feature.

  5. I highly recommend the app Shazam – it allows you to never here a song in a store or restaurant or car again and wonder, what is that title or who sang this song? Just get Shazam started, have the phone hear the music and it searches for the answer of title and artist, just like that! And of course, it gives you the option to purchase in iTunes.

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