A Little Poetry, a Lot of Life on Paper Sun

I like to think of Kim McMechan’s songs as life, put to music.

It’s letters in the mail, a garden in bloom, kids asleep in the back seat during a long car ride. It’s memories and emotions and the stuff that our subconscious takes in and turns to echos of something in our head that we just can’t put a finger on.

The words are poetry. The tunes that accompany them simple and light. They have a way of sounding like something we’ve heard before, a long time ago, even when we’re hearing them for the first time. It might have something to do with those echoes in our heads.

“The songs mostly begin as poems and then, because I’m not a virtuoso on an instrument, the melodies and arrangements come very simply,” Kim told The Pear Tree over coffee earlier this week.

The Kelowna, B.C. based singer and songwriter releases her second CD, Paper Sun, this weekend and, like her first album, Little Grey House, the 11 songs on it are largely autobiographical.

“Over half the album is very literal,” Kim said. “Early Spring Outing is a poem about an early spring outing. Long Drive Home, the most melancholic track, is about my thoughts driving home for Christmas with the kids in the back seat.”

The album was recorded at Hipposonic Studios (formerly Mushroom Studios) in Vancouver, and was produced by Colin Linden.

Kim was partial to Hipposonic as a location to record the album not just because of its reputation, but because of the equipment – old, vintage microphones, vintage amps, and an old grand piano.

“The piano was so beautiful. You could hear the pedal, the chunks of ivory hitting the keyboard. I like that authentic sound. And since the arrangements are more sparse and simple, everything counts a bit more,” Kim said.

Kim originally started writing creatively to treat headaches that were plaguing her several years ago. She found that, when she got her thoughts down in a journal she kept her headaches at bay.

If I don’t, now, I feel creatively constipated, to the point of feeling almost ill,” she said. It feels better, healthier, when it gets out. If I get a headache now, I know I need to write. There’s a backlog of unexposed emotion.”

Writing, Kim says, is also a tool to help her tune in to the everyday beauty around her.

“Creativity is about digesting my life,” she explained.

For those in Kelowna, Kim is holding two CD release parties, this weekend. The first, this Saturday, 19 November, will be 7 p.m. at the Streaming Cafe. The second is Sunday, 20 November, 7 p.m. at The Minstrel Cafe ($10 cover charge).

In the meantime, here are a couple of samples (click on the title to be taken to the sample page)

Next Three Days

You Sent Me A Letter

Kim also keeps a blog about her life as a writer, singer, photographer and mother over at kimmcmechan.com. And she loves comments, so if you stop by don’t forget to say hi!


Kim has also offered one Pear Tree reader a copy of Paper Sun. To enter the random draw, leave a comment, below. Extra entries can be earned by tweeting, Facebooking or blogging about the give-away – but it’s important to let us know you did in the comments below. The draw will be made Friday morning.

Next Three Days

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  1. Way to go Kim!!! We’re so proud of you…can’t wait to see the CD release and hear your beautiful songs……yay!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the sound of You sent me a Letter. Lovely words as well, the last line is delicious!

  3. I love Kim’s simple yet crafty melodies that I can sing along with! Looking forward to the CD release!!

  4. Glory, pick me, pick me!!! I love to hear new music.

  5. Fingers crossed!

  6. I also mentioned it on Face Book.

  7. I used to get to hear Kim sing when she lived in Winnipeg. Would love to snag a copy of her new CD!

  8. I love Kim’s new work!! I have the 1st cd which is brilliant, and the new stuff sounds even better. I’ve re-tweeted and facebooked the giveaway…. please give me some extra brownie points (?!) I would love to have the cd. Really like The Next 3 Days. Cheers LoriAnne.

  9. Wow! so proud of where you’ve come Kim. You are one amazing person. Love the tracks I’ve heard so far. Looking forward to hearing the full meal deal on Sat. night.

    So proud proud proud,
    love you lots, Dad

  10. Such a nice, easy sound – thanks for introducing me to this musical artist!

  11. Love your music! I’ll facebook a link and if I get a CD free I’ll give it to my good friend Maria Besso who can’t make it to either release dates! Don’t stop the music! : )N.

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  13. I cannot wait to hear this CD!

  14. so looking forward to the new CD. Just love Kims music and lyrics – beautiful. Can’t wait … 🙂

  15. I join with the throngs of people ridiculously excited for a CD of new music that we’ve been blessed to hear trickles of over the past couple years.

    A gifted woman and her music is a blessing!

  16. Nice! I was introduced to Kim’s music when my friend Martin joined her on his cello — the result was really wonderful: http://streamingcafe.net/performances/show/34/Kim-McMechan

  17. I first heard Kim McMechan’s music at a Wednesday prayer meeting at our church. We were just sitting and soaking and praying with cds. The song “Could I” came on. It so touched me and I just wept and wept.

  18. I love Kim’s music – such incredibly thoughtful words and such a beautiful sound. Congratulations on the newest CD!

  19. Kim is truly a creative at the very base level of herself. She brings a pure energy of beautifying wherever she goes. I’m amazed by her ever growing list of accomplishments and the ease with which she appears to carry them out. so pumped about the show this weekend. I’ll be sure to get there early!

    I’m not writing to win the CD because I’m picking up my copy at Streaming CAfe on Saturday!

  20. What a pretty voice, and sweet sounding melodies. I’d love to hear more!

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