Hello Monday?

Hello Monday, what are you doing back here so soon? It feels like I just said goodbye to you… did you jump the queue this week?

Hello sunshine, so glad you’re still around!

Hello Shirley Temple – we’ve been watching a lot of you lately, and your songs are getting stuck in my head!

Hello Robots from Ellie Bellie Kids and Classic Play – we need to get you out and show you around the Okanagan a bit more…

Hello To-Do list – why are you growing longer every time I look at you? For every one thing I check off I seem to add two or three more!

Hello link-up fun – and thanks Lisa Leonard for this great blog post idea!

What are you saying hello to today?

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  1. Nice blog!!! Will be visiting again!

  2. Hello to the last week of writing my masters dissertation!

    I am looking forward to all future ‘Hello Mondays’ so I can say hello to fun, frivolous things!

    Love the blog…I finally got the courage to leave a reply.

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