A Jaunt Along Mill Creek

Last weekend the Pear Tree Family ventured out to Mill Creek Park in Kelwona’s Ellison area for a woodsy stroll and picnic.

We discovered the 15.3 hectare regional park about three years ago, and were charmed by its easy terrain, lush foliage and waterfall reward at the end of the main trail.

This time, though, we packed a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way.

We also brought along a couple of friends to enjoy it with.

We found a beautiful, flat area under a canopy of trees, where we feasted on sandwiches and watermelon. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes also had a rather decadent meal – although we’re trying to repress that part of the memory.

For most of our visit, we were the only people we saw. In the end, we did cross paths with a couple of people and their dogs, but for the most part it’s not as busy as some of the walking trails we frequent. And while I can’t speak for everyone, that’s one of the reasons I like to escape to the forest occasionally – to get away from society.

When we got to the falls, everyone was excited about getting their feet in the water. Especially these two.

It was a great afternoon of exploring and spending time together, and we must return again some time this summer.

If you haven’t been to Mill Creek Park yet, you really must stop by. The walk is not long, and it’s mostly flat. To get there, take old Vernon Road off Hwy 97, then turn onto Spencer Road. The parking lot is on the right.

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Beautiful! It’s one of those enchanted places that seems to make everything all right.

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