Down Time

It’s been a full and crazy summer – the number one reason I haven’t been on here much lately. Between wrangling kids and keeping the house semi-operative and trying to fit a smattering of summer activities in, I’ve had a miserable cold that’s hung on for more than a month, and a notable lack of sleep that’s made everything less fun. But I won’t bore you with the dark side of Pear Tree life this month. It’s just a lead in to today’s topic.

Much. Needed. Me. Time.

Last weekend I took an evening to cloister myself away from everyone and do something I haven’t done in way too long: Just sip away slowly on a foam-topped chai and pour over some of my favourite magazines.

Out came the summer issues of my old Victoria Magazine collection (which dates back to the beginning, in 1988), some Martha Stewart Livings, a Real Simple or two, and a new favourite of mine, Flea Market Style.

I’ve been catching up on my book reading recently, and have collected a number of magazines that had yet to be opened. And it was one of those evenings when I didn’t want to enter someone’s story – just another world. A pretty world, where homes are tantalizingly full of character and no one ever draws on the walls.

I perused. I dreamed. I coveted. I got inspired. I forgot about time and place and dishes and laundry (except, oh, you should see the pretty little laundry space I want for myself now!).

Sometimes what we need – or I do, anyway – every now and then is an escape from the everyday. It doesn’t have to be farther away than my own imagination. It doesn’t even have to cost much. I’m a cheap date – especially when I’m treating. But even a little indulgence can go along way to bolstering a warn-out spirit.

I must plan to do this more often. It makes coping with the real world a little bit easier – and gives me some good ideas for reorganizing it, too!

What’s your favourite magazine?

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  1. Well written, Lori-Anne! I can totally relate 🙂 We need to take this time for ourselves… otherwise we go insane LOL…. my favorite magazine is Chatelaine. See you sometime, enjoy your summer.

  2. Yet another lovely and enjoyable article! So glad that I have stumbled upon your blog.

    So often finding time for yourself is easier said then done but it is important and rejuvenating.

    My favourite mag is Real Simple. Have a lovely summer!

  3. Your question got me thinking. Favorite magazine? All I can really settle on is wedding magazines. When I was in my early teens I asked to buy one, and my mom (probably wisely) refused, telling me I could start looking at them when I was old enough, which apparently was age 21.

    Her opinion must’ve stuck, because I never bought a copy of Bride until I was engaged. (Guess her plan kind of backfired, because I didn’t wed until 32.) Days after the proposal, I stocked up on every bridal mag I could find, took myself off to Starbucks, and started TAKING NOTES in my specially-selected blank notebook. (Those were the days when I had the luxury of being THAT organized.)

    Although I’ve been married for nearly 9 years, I still love looking through the pages, criticizing dresses, musing over flowers, considering the logistics of lingerie…

    AND HEY! P.S. I have only just this moment, thanks to the photo with this post, realized that the coffee cozy you sent P. for Christmas was just that. We have thought all this time that it was some sort of lovingly-knitted wrist-band-type piece of JEWELLERY!!

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