The View From Here

I love learning where The Pear Tree readers are checking in from. So far Canada, the U.S.,  England and Australia top the list of most common countries, but there are lots of others. And we know that lots of you travel to fascinating locales.

Take your eyes off the computer screen for a moment. Look around you. What do you see? Is there a window in front of you? Are you sitting in a coffee shop? On your couch with your feet up?

Send us a picture or two – at least one must be horizontal, please – of the view from where you’re reading The Pear Tree right now, and we’ll post it, along with a little blurb about you and (if you have one) your website or blog.

Bonus points if you can get your computer screen in the shot, sporting The Pear Tree page – but no pressure. For the above shot, of Ben Lee Park in Rutland, I had to choose between computer screen and scenery, my camera skills being what they are. The scenery won out, obviously.

If you’re game, send your photo to lori(dot)anne(at)thepeartree(dot)ca. The first one in gets dibs on next Sunday!

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  1. My laptop is usually at one end of my dining room table so I don’t have much of a view. Photo on it’s way.

  2. Lori-Anne, what a fun idea.

    My mom wrote to me once (before she visited me here for the first time since we emigrated to Canada from South Africa in ’98) and asked to see where I wrote to her from. 🙂 When she visited, she could finally picture me sitting here in my computer corner with our lovely evergreen tree on the right–its branches often filled with birds, and even more often laden with snow (unti yesterday, in fact).

    I enjoy your online magazine immensely and am so glad I signed up earlier this year.

    your neighbour (and pen pal) across the Rockies in sleepy (snowy) Cochrane, Alberta

  3. P.S. I e-mailed the window views separately.

  4. I love where I am writing from! We just moved to ten acres in the woods and it is the most peaceful place! I am writing from the loft and I just blogged about it a couple of weeks ago!!!

  5. I have a little basement room converted into a home office/studio here on the outskirts of Summerland…that’s where I read The Pear Tree:

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