The View From Here: The South End of Town

Kelowna resident Suzan Wood-Young recently sent us a snapshot of the view from where she reads The Pear Tree.

“My laptop is usually at one end of my dining room table so I don’t have much of a view,” she said.

She called her pic “The South End of Town.”

Suzan recently started a blog of her own, On it, she posts a daily (or near daily) pic of something she saw that made an impression on her. Check it out for some fun vignettes of life.


I’d love to see the view from where YOU are reading right now. Send us a picture or two – at least one must be horizontal, please – of your view and we’ll post it, along with a little blurb about you and (if you have one) your website or blog.

Send your photo and a brief description to lori(dot)anne(at)thepeartree(dot)ca.

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  1. Hey I know that place! Thanks for posting it Lori-Anne. Pocketful of Memory cards is a daily blog. You many have noticed a missing day as I was asked to remove May 2nd as the subject owner changed her mind. 🙁

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