Tamed by Floral Beauty

“‘I am beginning to understand,’ said the little prince. ‘There is a flower… I think that she has tamed me…'”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


There’s something about a blue sky and a light, fresh breeze that makes me feel like pottering.

I’m not a gardener. I was hired to tend one, once, for a season, and didn’t manage to bring the thing into rack and ruin, but I am admittedly not particularly green about the thumb. But there’s something about days like today that make the possibilities seem endless and I feel inspired to try.

I headed over to Art Knapp Plantland this morning for a little bit of help directing that inspiration. They always have beautiful displays and creative approaches to showcasing nature’s eye candy.

There were lots of bulbs and seed packets…

But being merely a wannabe gardener I need a few shortcuts.

There was no small abundance of inspiration to be had, poking around the store. I’m not usually a fan of succulents (top left), or cactus’s (bottom right) but the way they were displayed almost made me change my mind. I’d love to see something flowering and blue and white (pansies, maybe??) overflowing from that old trunk.

Even the arrangements of pots – I’m especially fond of terra cotta – got my juices going!

After trolling up and down the long, colourful aisles of the greenery, I finally settled on two miniature climbing rose bushes (below right), and a grouping of vista silverberry supertunias, which are a petunia hybrid (below left). The latter jumped out at me because of the beautiful burgundy veins in the white trumpet.

I couldn’t wait to get them home and settled into their new accommodations! I’m looking forward to tending to their every whim and admiring them over tea time on the patio.

So tell me, how does YOUR garden grow?

P.S. It’s Good Life Wednesday so we’re linking up with A Beach Cottage!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Beautiful flowers and great pics as well. Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

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