An Art to Aging

We celebrated a birthday recently at the Pear Tree House. Mr. Pear Tree’s, to be precise. And since one of his great loves is art, we threw a little bash for him with a fun, artsy theme.

I hand-made the invitations, using an artist’s palette as inspiration. Detail of time and place were included on the back.

At the front door, we welcomed guests with a painting set up on an eisel, boasting the message, “Welcome to the Art Party.” (I forgot to get a pic of that!)

While it’s not specifically art themed, I whipped up this banner using fabric from some clothes in my give-away pile.

The snack table. We went for paper plates and cups in a rainbow of colours.

A selection of Skittles candies, in primary colours, to nosh on.

My mom made the birthday cake – an artist’s palette. Inside, the layered cake was mango and vanilla flavoured – so good!

As an activity, we invited our guests to head outside before they left, to exercise their own artistic muscle by painting a flower pot to take home.

Here’s a shot of the Birthday Boy, painting with his Oma:

It’s not too late to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Love that cake. Do Skittles come in individual colours or did someone have to sit and sort through several bags worth?

  2. Great theme and excellent shots! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, happy day!
    Great party theme. 🙂
    Celebrate all month….

    EMP across the Rockies (where spring is making her first tentative appearance this week after 20cm of snow on Saturday)

  4. Looks like fun!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Pear Tree!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kyle, and many more! We wish you a year filled with joy, art and laughter.

    I wonder how many Skittles got eaten during the sorting process 🙂

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