A Harbinger of Summer

The Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market celebrated the grand opening of its 16th season on Saturday. While we couldn’t make it out for the festivities, we did make sure to stop by today.

For the last couple of years, our Wednesday mornings have been defined by the ritual of heading out to the farmers’ market, on the corner of Springfield and Benvoulin Roads. Of course it closes during the winter (although I’ve heard that a scaled back version continues through the frigid months Saturdays at the Parkinson Rec Centre). This last year that meant a certain little boy was left with a vacuum come Wednesday morning. So imagine his delight when, without warning, we drove up to the site of the farmers’ market today and it was there!

Of course it is currently just a hint of things to come. There were no farmers, for starters, since nothing’s really growing yet. But there were a few brave crafters and food vendors, and an equally small number of patrons, out in the briskness that is today.

Monique of Monique’s Cookie Company was dressed for the occasion (something me and my crew failed to do), and also made my day with her Dutch Syrup Waffles (which I think we called “Stroffle Waffles” back in my university days). We left with a $1 bag of broken bits to nosh on while we perused.

All the gloves and cozy foot wear, at the Tocino Alpacas booth, were a real temptation – not just because they were so soft and beautiful (have you felt alpaca wool?), but because I was sorry I left my winter gear at home.

I was especially smitten with the socks, above left, which were reversible. The double-thick knits were a different colour on the inside.

I’ve been eyeing these stamped, coloured pottery tags, by Tom Dendy, for a couple of years now. Maybe this year will be the year I pick up a few. I just need to decide what I want to do with them…

And if the return of the farmers’ market itself is not a sign that summer is just around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it today), this collection of bird houses, by The Bird Lady, surely is.

Have you been to your local farmers’ market yet?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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