A Day at the Beach

Spring has been inching its way into our lives this year, dropping only the subtlest of hints here and there that it’s around.

During one of the more pleasant mornings recently I packed up the kids and headed to Gyro Beach on Pandosy Street in Kelowna for a little preview of what’s to come (i.e. more beach time). It was one of the nicest visits I’ve had. This despite the snow capped mountains in the distance, and the complete solitude of the area. Or maybe because of it.

We donned our wellies – just incase anyone wanted to wade to their ankles in the water (and they did), and bundled up just a little. That breeze coming off the water has a bit of a nip to it still.

The two young Pear Trees had a fun explore and loved having the entire stretch of waterfront to themselves. There was digging and sliding, tree climbing and duck friending to do.

And some picture taking by me.

The only thing missing was a hot coffee to go.

… Of course there’s always next time…

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. We, too, headed beach-ward on Saturday. Of course, this is East Anglia, it was the North Sea, and the wind was, um, gusty.

    Bravely we spread our blankets; stoically we strolled. There was even the requisite thickly-applied sun cream, dad complaining about sand, AND a beach ball…for about 30 minutes. Then, with shivering children clinging to our necks, we admitted defeat and headed for the cafe.

    North Sea: 1. Balderfields: Nil.

  2. What a fun Mum you are!

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