A Nook of One’s Own

I spent most of Sunday organizing and reorganizing a very special corner of my home. Or at least it’s special now. Since our daughter came along and claimed our former office as her own space, I’ve made do in a corner of our main floor, near the back door, just off the kitchen.

Perhaps “made do” is too strong an expression, though. See the pic below for a very sad view of Pear Tree Central. I shouldn’t even show you this, so embarrassing is it that I was working, trying to be creative and intelligent and meaningful in a little space that could almost be described as squalor.

I actually took this photo a little while ago, when my lap top computer could still sit on the desk. Yesterday morning, when I finally decided I’d had enough, you couldn’t even see there was a desk there, never mind find room for a computer. Instead of being an inviting work space, my nook had become a magnet for magazines waiting to be read, camera equipment, paper, more paper, Christmas gifts that hadn’t found an official home yet and yarn.

My theory is that, if I have a space that I love, that serves a purpose and that invites me into it, I will be more likely to keep it that way.

The hyacinth bulb, above left, was a Christmas present I was keeping in the dark in the basement until now, to help it get going. The time seemed right to bring it into the light of day to be enjoyed.

The post card behind my collection of paper clips, above right, was at one point believed to be Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days in 1553. A friend of mine sent it too me a few years ago because we share a fondness for her – but it was later confirmed to be a portrait of King Henry VIII’s sixth wife, Catharine Parr.

I love pretty notebooks, and this is just a small sampling of my collection.

An ink blotter and old ink pot I picked up on my travels. I bought the magnifying glass a couple of years ago because I read a quote by Victorian designer William Morris that everything you have in your house should be useful or beautiful. Since I had no use for a magnifying glass, I thought I should get it for its aesthetic quality.

Have you started spring cleaning yet? What’s first on your agenda?

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. I love that ink blotter. It is the #1 possession of yours that I recall when I think of beloved Room 17. What I love even more is that you actually used to use it. A lot.

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