Channelling the Painter Within: Lesson IV

I missed my last art class at the Kelowna Art Gallery because of a family gathering I attended this week. Fortunately, though, it was an evening of working on our projects without a lot of new information being added.

So. I took an evening to myself, set up at the dining room table and started a new piece, incorporating some of what I’ve learned.

It was the first time since I started the class that I took what I’ve been learning out of the classroom and into “real life.”

I threw on some Lhasa de Sela.

I brewed myself a cup of chai.

And I contemplated what to do for close to an hour before finally splashing on my first layer of colour.

Unlike my past projects, I wanted to envision a completed painting this time before I started, rather than taking the “see what happens” approach again.

This Rose and Teardrop pattern, by Charles Rennie MacIntosh, was an influence.

I know – you’d think that roses are a favourite of mine. An obsession, even. They’re actually not. But I do enjoy swirling that palette knife around the canvas. And I guess I wanted to revision those poo swirls I started with (which I’ll continue working on next week).

It was a great evening, and one that I look forward to indulging in more often, now that I have a few skillz in my tool kit.

– Words and main photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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