Resolutions for a New Year: Drink Your Water

Coffee, tea, soda, juice, energy drinks and alcohol – all can take the edge off a parched palate. But there’s nothing like a good, clean glass of water to quench a thirst, and keep the body working like it should. So if you’re not drinking your six to eight glasses of water a day (or more), this is a great resolution to help start off 2011 on the right foot.

“Water is the essence of life,” says Ben Bazinet, president of WaterGeeks.

WaterGeeks is a Kelowna-based company that produces brightly coloured stainless steel and BPA-free plastic water bottles and water filters that attach to the bottle cap. For everyday use, their green filter eliminates chlorine, bad taste, odour, lead and other potential tap water contaminants. The filter lasts several months, and filters the equivalent of 600, 16 oz. bottles.

For the more adventurous – say, campers or travellers to third-world countries – they also have a micron filter hiking bottle, which catches bacteria and other potential ground contaminants.

The filtered bottles have proved popular with celebrities from the sports world as well as the Hollywood elite, including Colin Farrell, Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, Ashlee Simpson and Miley Cyrus.

The filtered water bottles are available at Home Outfitters in Canada. The bottles and WaterGeeks’ range of water-friendly products and their Adiri Nurser bottles can also be found in a variety of specialty stores throughout the United States. For the comprehensive line, visit

Here are a few tips Ben shared, to help form the good habit of drinking lots of water everyday:

* Try drinking two glasses of water as soon as you get up. This helps get your system going in the morning, and rehydrates you after a night of sleep. It also gives you 25 per cent of your eight glasses for the day done.

* Always have some water with you. It’s easy to get busy during the day, and if the water isn’t right there, it’s easy to forget about it.

* If you’re used to sugary drinks, water might seem a little boring. Try adding a little flavour with either a squeeze of lemon juice or stevia (a natural sweetener that has zero sugar and zero calories, available at health food stores and WaterGeeks).

“Our bodies are made up of about 70 per cent water so it is important to re-hydrate all the time. Adequate water intake prevents dehydration, cleans out the body, and promotes the healing processes. Plus if you drink more water you will not feel as hungry so you’ll end up eating less,” he says.

We’ll raise our glass to that.


WaterGeeks is offering one lucky Pear Tree reader a 12 or 24 oz bottle in the size and colour of their choice, along with a green tap filter to help them along with their water drinking resolution. To enter, leave a comment below. Extra entries can be made by blogging, Tweeting or Facebooking the contest (but leave a comment below letting us know that you did). The winner will be announced Monday morning, 10 January.

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. My niece got one of these bottles for her birthday last year. They are fantastic! We do a lot of hiking so it was the perfect gift.

  2. I’m in for one of these. What a great new years res. I don’t think about drinking water as much as I should these days.

  3. Would love one……that is something I really need to focus on more water. Cheers!

  4. I need to adopt this resolution! I am always on the go but find myself drinking coffee and juice and not enough water. I should be reaching for the water and not Advil when I get a headache. A filtered bottle would help too because our water tastes like a swimming pool and I refuse to buy bottled water anymore!

  5. Ooooh. I’d love a new waterbottle like this. And to say that it is from a company based in Kelowna . . . how cool!

  6. I agreee water is so important to our everyday well being. What a wonderful way to start off the new year- a new water bottle! I have lost mine and would give this one a good home:-)

  7. I’ve caught my daughter buying water in plastic bottles so I would love to win this to give to her and reduce a little more of the plastic.

  8. Would love to give one to my daughter. She says she doesn’t drink enough water when she travels due to the bad taste. I’m sure the filter would be great for her!

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