Bought: Christmas Heirlooms

Those who have been following this blog from the start no doubt read last year of my tradition of buying a tree ornament for each member of the Pear Tree family in the lead-up to Christmas. It’s a tradition my mother started when I was young – although those ornaments have gone astray, no doubt boxed up in one basement or another (no one believes it’s their’s, so until we all take a look they remain lost in transition).

Since we hope to decorate our tree this weekend, and I hadn’t even started thinking about ornaments let alone shopping for them, I headed out this morning to Art Knapp Plantland on Springfield Road in Kelowna, aka Christmas Central.

I failed to note exactly how many Christmas themed rooms they have, but it’s plenty. There were lots of glam trees, with feathers and sparkles, a Seussicle tree with funky colours and ornaments, a music tree, trendy trees, traditional trees, and sports themed trees. None really spoke to me or the look of our family tree – which I wish I could describe, but it’s just… ours.

Just before leaving, however, I spied these sweet bird ornaments. Perfect, I thought. Well, almost perfect. True perfection would have meant each one had a slightly different shape and/or picture. But they were still charming enough, in their two variations, to win me over. The girls can have the hearts and the boys will claim the circles, I think.

When my son and daughter start their own trees, some far distant day, they will take a small collection with them – assuming they don’t get lost in a box somewhere and forgotten. And when they do, it is my hope that they take the laughter, chit chat, warm feelings and a box full of cherished memories with them. Because that’s kind of what our tree is, afterall.

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. My mom did the same thing, giving us Christmas ornaments each year, and each year they went on the tree. One Christmas after I was married my mom gave me all my ornaments and they began going on my own tree and when I had children, I began the same tradition. Though I don’t associate a memory with each particular ornament, it just makes a lovely tradition and gives you that Christmassy feeling of family and a connection to each christmas through the years.

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