The Coffee’s On Us!

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Whether you have kids to chauffer from school to lessons and play dates, a garden to dig up, a harvest to glean or just work to catch up on after taking things easy over the summer, fall can be a busy time of year.

We’ve been busy, too, organizing stories for you and working behind the scenes to make The Pear Tree more efficient and user-friendly (for us and for you).

Our most recent pride and joy is the long-awaited addition of FeedBurner. This handy little tool allows readers to subscribe to our posts. That means every time a new story goes up, you receive an email notification in your inbox.

We’re pretty chuffed about it, and are kicking back now with a celebratory cup of java. But since we don’t like to drink alone, we’re giving away a $25 Starbucks card to one of our subscribers!

All you have to do is enter your email address in the box that says “Subscribe to the Pear Tree” (to your right), and follow the subscription details from there. Conversely, you can click on the orange RSS icon below, and then “get The Pear Tree delivered by email.”

If you’ve already subscribed, fear not – you’re entered, too. We’ll make the random draw 31 October, from the list of subscribers. Heck – we’ll even throw your name in the pot an extra time for each blog post, tweet or Facebook mention about the contest. Just let us know you did so in a comment, below.

Bottoms up!

– Words and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. What a great idea.

  2. Will share this on my Facebook page and also on the Alberta Books Canada page.

  3. Curious – I like reading blogs in my Outlook RSS
    Can you see that subscribed?

  4. I shared your subscribe link on my facebook page! 🙂

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