Happy Halloweeeeeeen (and giveaway winner announced)!

It was a big night for the two young Pear Trees, who went out trick-or-treating (or “tricker trucking”) for the first time. My son dressed up as Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp, while my daughter was the Kid (Jackie Coogan). They only made five stops, but came home with tonnes of candy. Way too much for two such small children to eat themselves (this is where mummy and daddy must step in and do their part!).

And now that we’re back home and The Tramp and The Kid are tucked cosily into bed, we’re ready to give out our big treat of the night. You know the one – the $25 Starbucks card!

We put all the names in the Tramp hat (extra chances for those who blogged, tweeted or Facebooked the news), and our winner was…

Kim McMechan!

We’ll be in touch soon, to arrange delivery of the card. To everyone else, thank you for subscribing!

– Words and top photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. Are you KIDDING ME!? Those kids are so cute! What a great Halloween idea. Poor Scarlett went to day care in a secondhand, manky, too-small, non-specific-but-possibly-Disney princess costume. I definitely have to up my game next year. Sheesh.

    (But in my defense, we had just moved 60+ miles across England with all our earthly possessions two days before. It’s a wonder I had the presence of mind to wrench the costume from the fists of the moving men amidst the packing frenzy.)

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