Happy Thanksgiving!


-Two apple pies, fresh out of the oven, baked up for today's Thanksgiving feast. No room for cake as well today, thank-you.

I’m going to admit something personal: I’ve been a little bit covetous lately. I’ve been watching status updates by Facebook friends and hearing news from friends and acquaintances all over the place about wonderful opportunities – work opportunities, travel, shopping sprees. And while I’m genuinely elated for the lucky recipients, I’ve been finding myself wondering when my turn is.

And now it’s Thanksgiving day and I’ve been thinking about how unfair of me that is. To keep it in the context of the day, it’s like I’ve been looking around for the cake while greedily stuffing my face with pie. “Is there anymore,” I ask in a sticky voice, cheeks bulging with lemon meringue. “I want that, too. And that, and that,” I point gluttonously, fingers coated in double cream. I’m so busy noticing everyone else’s plate that I’m totally neglecting the lavish buffet on my own. And it’s shameful. Really shameful.

So in addition to the standard health, home and family blessings, I thought I would take a moment to think about the things that have made my life richer and more abundant in recent days.

Today, I am thankful for short, crisp (but not too crisp) autumn days, and the rich gold, rust, orange colours of leaves that scatter around me as I stroll through my neighbourhood park.

I’m thankful for a cup of no-whip spiced pumpkin latte with a close friend in the afternoon, e-letters from around the world and a pen and paper (or in this case, a laptop) to record it all on.

I’m thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to pursue a career that allows me the privilege of getting to know some of the most interesting and talented people in the city, to talk about things that would never otherwise come up in conversations.

I’m thankful for a treasure trove of memories that I wouldn’t trade for any material wealth, finance or position.

I’m thankful for a little voice waking me from my sleep at 6:30 a.m. saying “wake up lazy bones,” and another down the hall chortling happily to herself in her room.

I’m thankful for the awesomest husband, who loves me when I’m daft, forgives me when I’m forgetful, watches “my” movie picks when I’m too fussy to watch “his,” supports, nurtures, indulges, washes dishes, cooks, and gets up at weird hours with the kids.

I’m thankful for the music that plays in me all day and all night without ceasing. Whatever I’m doing, wherever I go it’s there, providing a soundtrack to my life. Sometimes it’s upbeat and fun, other times quirky, or angry, or heart wrenchingly sad – but it’s always there, within me.

I’m thankful that I was raised to put my spirituality first, before anything or anyone. Sometimes I forget this, and get distracted with trivial concerns (job status, what I haven’t achieved, etc.) but when it is in the forefront of my life nothing else on earth offers the same degree of comfort or empowerment. And all the blessings I’ve just listed (plus a zillion others that I haven’t) mean so much more when I recognize them for what they are – abundant and unanticipated gifts from God.

Well, that’s my list for this year. I could go on. I won’t. At least not here (brevity – that’s something you might want to add to your own list!). What else do you have?

– Words and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. I’m grateful for my very close, very talented, very beautiful (inside and out) friend, who talks to and writes about some of the most interesting people in the valley.

  2. yes. what Darcie said. 🙂

    What a lovely post, Lori-Anne, and a wonderful reminder to those of us who still 5ish weeks left to Thanksgiving. Maybe, just maybe, for one year I could get to the day thankful that I have lived in true gratefulness of all my blessings. Maybe.

  3. I’d also be thankful for some pie!

  4. While speaking of covetousness I will mention that you got to meet STUART MCLEAN!!!!
    I’m grateful for you Lori-Anne. For telling stories in a new and enlightening way for our sometimes, insular little community. I don’t have the attention span lately, call it art makers brain, for blogs but yours I can’t help but read….. keep going!

  5. Lovely…yes I think we would get along just fine 🙂

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