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With less than two weeks to Bloggin’ Okanagan, I wanted to take a moment to introduce our five panellists. Pear Tree House Productions, in partnership with the Kelowna Art Gallery, feel fortunate to have assembled such a dynamic group of lady bloggers (sorry, men, hopefully you’ll have better representation next year!).

Taking the seats of honour at the top table will be Kerry Taylor, Susan Knight, Cherie Hanson, Lori Welbourne and Lisa Redl. Pictured above is a shot of some of us that appeared in The Okanagan Sunday recently, alongside a story about the event written by Portia Priegert (Sept. 5, 2010).

Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about our panel.


Kerry’s educational background is in journalism and computer science, but she has hands-on experience living frugally, and now writes about how to do it with flair on her blog, In fact, the mandate of her blog  is to make frugal living “sexy, delicious and fun.” Within a year of launching her blog, Kerry was contacted by HarperCollins Canada about publishing a book. The result was 397 Ways To Save Money, which details “hundreds of ways to save thousands of dollars on everything from finances to laundry,” according to her site.


Susan is best known as the voice of 99.9 Sun FM’s Breakfast Club, along with Tarzan Dan. But off the air Susan also operates Knightchatter, a social media consulting company that helps businesses find their way in the crazy world of blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. She also keeps readers entertained with her Knightblather blog.

Cherie is a retired high school teacher who now concentrates on artistic endeavours, from computer enhanced digital photography to writing. Among the various continuing education classes she teaches at UBC Okanagan is one on weblogging, and she also keeps a blog on her life and travels as a multimedia artist at


Lori writes a syndicated newspaper column called On a Brighter Note, which she also posts on her site, Earlier this year, however, she joined forces with Lisa and started a quirky comedy site that explores positive and negative extremes in people. Together, they write daily blogs and produce their own comedy videos (vlog) and post them on


Lisa is a media personality whose career has spanned radio, television and web. She currently produces and hosts a web feature on called Out There, where she steps outside of her boundaries to try new things while highlighting the organization she’s featuring. She’s also the other half of


I (Lori-Anne Poirier) will be moderating the panel. A freelance journalist and photographer who has specialized in entertainment and lifestyle reporting, I launched last December.

I wish I could introduce the other bloggers who will take a starring role at this premier Okanagan blogging event, but they are still unknown. They are the myriad personal, business or just aspiring bloggers who will also have a designated time to mix and mingle, introduce themselves, ask questions of others and maybe provide some answers, too. The second half of the two hour event will be devoted to you, a time to network and share, or just meet other bloggers out there that might have something in common with you.

It’s an afternoon that’s packed with promise and potential. I can’t wait to meet you all in person!

– Words by Lori-Anne Poirier, photos contributed

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  1. I am so very excited! Can’t wait!

  2. I hope we have some male representation at the event:)

    But maybe we’ll be outnumbered again? Did you know that on average women say 7, 000 words per day while men manage just over 2, 000? I left that thought earlier this month on Lori and Lisa’s blog.

    Will you have another get together in December?
    To-BLOG-ganing at Christmas sounds like fun!

    Looking forward to your event!


  3. Put me in the ‘can’t wait’ camp too! Looks like it’s going to be a great event!

  4. Correction on Urban Myths
    Myth #1: Women Are More Talkative
    One popular stereotype claims that women speak tens of thousands of words per day, while men manage to utter only a few hundred. In fact, there’s virtually no difference between the number of words spoken by men and those spoken by women. A 2007 study at the University of Arizona monitored 396 college students and found that both the men and the women spoke an average of about sixteen thousand words per day, without any statistically significant difference between the sexes. In the June 2007 issue of Science magazine, researcher Matthias Mehl reported that the study’s three chattiest subjects actually happened to all be men, each of whom uttered about forty thousand words per day.

  5. See ya there Ralph!

    I’m sure they boys will be there in numbers!

  6. Funny boy/girl chatter

    From my experience with GiftTRAP I’ve learned one very simple truth

    Girls Listen (and make better givers)
    Guys Talk (and are easy to get presents for)

    Now perhaps girls say a lot while they are listening, that may also be true.

  7. Good to meet Nick and Cherie today along with panelists Lori Welbourne, Lisa Redl and Susan Knight before I said goodbye to Lori-Anne.

    As Cherie said, a blog lets you see where you have been. I celebrated my 4th Blogiversary four days ago and since you also said not to use the overused word “fabulous” Cherie, I did a search on my blog and am happy to report that it has only been used four times in four years. Not bad if I do say so myself:)

    All the best folks!

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