A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words


We’re trying something new this month.

Every Friday through the month of September we’re going to open up this
space to you. I’ll give you a topic and you write about it on your own
blog. Then, in the comments section of this post, provide a link to your
blog so that everyone else can visit you and read what you wrote about.
It’s called a meme, and it’s a fun way to get to know other bloggers and
read something fresh. It also gives you a topic idea if you’ve been
feeling stuck for one. I did warn you there would be homework this month.

So here’s how it works. I will post a picture (see above) that may or may
not contain a key word or phrase. You then ponder the picture. Mull over
the word or words. And then write about what it means to you, or what it
makes you think of. Copy the picture (you have my permission in this
particular situation) and post it with your story or essay and invite your
readers to participate as well. And don’t forget to link to your blog in
Pear Tree comments section.

I’m looking forward to reading what you come up with. Now – fingers on the

– Words and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  2. Hey there Lori-Anne great idea! Bet you can hardly wait to read what a wrote? 😉

  3. You wouldn’t by any chance be reading Bird by Bird would you? 😉

  4. My friend Suzan shared your meme with me, and as I looked at the photo I immediately was reminded of some things ‘birdy’ I might offer up. Hope you like them.


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  6. I wish I’d found this last week. This is one I could have written a lot on! 😉 http://www.shawnbird.com

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