Cute as a Button

buttons 08This summer we celebrated a most auspicious occasion: my daughter’s first birthday.

Being only one and not yet consumed with friends, we decided to keep her party small, with just extended family – all of whom have a good few years on her. But I did want a theme.

I came up with the Cute as a Button idea in an effort to marry childhood whimsy with something that would hopefully appeal to adults as well.

buttons 02

buttons 03buttons 05

I started by crafting invitations sporting fun buttons from my son’s rather large collection. Mr. PearTree designed them. The anchor button is sewn on, while the buttons on the outside of the card are attached with white glue. Instead of a button hole we cut a ridge in the centre to slide the card open and closed.

Birthday 5

My mother made the cake (chocolate cake served with home made vanilla bean ice cream). She used butter cream icing, for the buttons as well, but strongly recommends gum paste for the buttons.

buttons 01buttons 06

A party hat for the smallest reveller.

Birthday 1

Instead of a goodie bag, since all of the guests were adults or close to it, I made button-laden picture frames with a photo of the birthday girl and her brother inside. Since everyone was family, I figured such a gesture would not be considered vain (if we had invited friends I would have left the frame empty so they could put a photo of their choosing in it). The buttons were attached to the Dollar Store frames with the help of a glue gun.

Sadly, everyone in attendance was too grown-up for games, but if there had been more kids – say, aged four to seven or eight – I would love to have introduced them to Button Button, Who’s Got the Button? or Tiddlywinks using buttons.

There are probably myriad other ideas you could use starring the humble button – such as banners or garlands, for example. If you have any more ideas we’d love to hear them!

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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  1. This is way to good! I have to reproduce those darling, beautiful invitations that inspire way too many adjectives and exclamation marks!!! Nicely done 😀

  2. Daphne Sayler Hust

    I love it! Wonderful ideas, all.

  3. what a lovely first birthday for little pear tree,,, and i like that mr pear tree designed the cards… he is talented indeed— please say hi to him for me and someday i hope to meet the whole family…

  4. Oh my gosh, that’s sooooo adorable Lori-Anne! GREAT idea!

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