Patio Love

patio 01

I love having a patio. Especially on days like today, when you can’t get the kids in bed fast enough (bless them, but you know what I’m talking about, right?), the house looks like it was hit by a hurricane (or worse, two tiny but busy little people) and the urge to escape it all is stronger than the urge to organize it back to something resembling a living space.

patio 02

I head out my back door and set up on my bistro table: Iced tea? Check. Book? Check. Les Chansons de Paris playing softly through the open window? Check.

By this time of day the sun is loosing its fierceness, the light dances between lengthening shadows and a soft breeze tickles the skin. Sometimes the aroma of a nearby barbecue wafts through the air.

I open my book to read, but this little pocket of tranquility is too fleeting to let myself escape into someone else’s world. I put the book down and just absorb my surroundings. The gentle rose infusion of my home-brewed iced tea. After all, it’s moments like this that will get me through the hectic moments tomorrow.

An hour or so will do it, rejuvenating enough life back into me to let me head back into the house and tackle the gaggle of toys and dishes and loose ends that await.

– Words and photos by Lori-Anne Poirier

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