Happy July 1!


For Canada’s 143rd birthday, we pulled out all the stops – as we do every July 1, pumping up our stereotypically modest patriotism for the day. We took our flag out of storage, donned red and white attire, and – best of all – feasted on pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (red and white, get it?).

Each year my family holds a Canada Day pancake breakfast, surrounded by extended family and friends, to celebrate who we are and where we live. We play music by Bare Naked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Chantal Kreviazuk and Natalie MacMaster (among others – so many others) in the background.

We talk, we eat, we reminisce, we make plans. We don’t really think about how lucky we are to have the freedom we do, or the comforts of life. Because they are luxuries we have always known, they’re easy to take for granted. That’s another luxury I’m grateful for.

How did you celebrate this year? Or, if your celebration is another three days away, how do you plan to mark the day?

Being the start of a new month, we want to thank our sponsors again for their support, and direct you their way.

Joining us again is Public Bone, which offers handmade jewelry by artist Lori Mairs. Check her website for samples of her unique work, which uses naturally shed antlers and is inspired by nature.

The Early Music Studio is an amazing source for lovers of old music. Really old music. Think harpsichords, lutes and guitars. In addition to information, they also have replica instruments for sale (some hand made), and downloadable music.

And if you or a business you know would make a good match for our Pear Tree readers, we’d love to talk about the different sponsorship opportunities we have.

In the mean time, we hope you have a wonderful July, and invite you to keep checking back for more stories, photos and missives. And don’t forget to say “hi” – we love to hear from you!

– Words and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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